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Above Ground Pool Buying Guide

How to Buy an Above-Ground Pool: A Step-by-Step Guide

Buying an above-ground pool is an exciting project that can bring fun and relaxation to your backyard. To ensure you make the right choice, follow this step-by-step guide:

1. Assess Your Space and Budget:

  • Measure your yard: Determine the available space for the pool, considering factors like setbacks and any obstacles.
  • Establish a budget: Decide how much you're willing to spend on the pool, including installation, accessories, and ongoing maintenance costs.

2. Research Types and Sizes:

  • Understand pool types: Learn about the various types of above-ground pools, such as steel, resin, or hybrid models, and their advantages.
  • Choose a size: Decide on the pool's size based on your space and how you plan to use it. Common sizes range from 12 to 30 feet in diameter.

3. Select a Pool Style:

  • Decide on style: Determine whether you want a traditional above-ground pool or a more modern style.

4. Consider Pool Features and Accessories:

  • Filter and pump system: Choose an efficient filtration system that suits your pool size.
  • Pool liner: Select a durable and visually appealing liner design.
  • Pool ladder or steps: Ensure safe and convenient entry and exit.
  • Pool cover: Invest in a cover to keep the pool clean and secure when not in use.
  • Maintenance equipment: Purchase basic cleaning tools like skimmers and vacuum kits.

5. Review Warranty and Service:

  • Understand the warranty: Read and understand the manufacturer's warranty to ensure it covers essential components like the pool frame and liner.
  • Inquire about service: Ask about customer service and support for any potential issues or repairs.

8. Plan for Installation:

  • Decide on installation: Choose between professional installation or DIY. Independent, professional installation ensures proper setup and may be required to maintain the warranty.
  • Prepare the site: Clear the area, level the ground, and ensure proper drainage before installation.

9. Purchase and Schedule Installation:

  • Place the order: Finalize your purchase.
  • Ensure you have all necessary materials and information (and extra hands) ready for the installation day.

10. Enjoy Your Pool:

  • After installation, follow the manufacturer's guidelines for filling and maintaining the pool.
  • Prioritize safety: Implement safety measures, especially if you have children or pets.
  • Relax and have fun: Your above-ground pool is ready for enjoyment. Invite friends and family to make lasting memories in your backyard oasis.

By following these steps and conducting thorough research, you'll be well-prepared to purchase and enjoy your above-ground pool with confidence.