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Frog Ease Floating Hot Tub Sanitizing System

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Frog Ease Floating Hot Tub Sanitizing System

Frog Ease Floating Hot Tub Sanitizing System combines minerals with SmartChlor® Technology to kill bacteria 2 ways. It gives you soft water that smells great (no heavy chemical smells here) and is self-regulating and easy to maintain. When it's time to change the SmartChlor® cartridge, the whole unit just flips over. You use up to 75% less chlorine and need to shock only once a month.


  • (1) @ease mineral cartridge(1) @ease SmartChlor® cartridge
  • (1) JumpStart® packet
  • (1) 30ct. @ease® test strips.
Each mineral cartridge lasts about 3-4 months and your SmartChlor® cartridge varies with use.


    • Low-chlorine spa sanitizing system consistently feeds steady free chlorine level of 0.5 – 1.0 ppm
    • Incorporates minerals that help to soften and condition the water, making it more gentle
    • By shocking only once per month and using up to 75% less chlorine, the system can help reduce chemical usage.
    • SmartChlor cartridge, which floats in the spa water and flips over when empty, indicates when it needs replacing.
    • Minerals last up to four months, while the SmartChlor cartridges can last for three to four weeks in spas up to 600 gallons.

    Please Note:

    The Mineral Cartridge is not packaged in a sealed pouch but the SmartChlor cartridge will be provided in a sealed pouch. 

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