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Pelican Deluxe Opening Kit

The Deluxe Pool Opening Kit Contains:

  • 2lbs. Quick Dissolving Sock
  • 1Qt. Concentrated 60% Non-Foaming Algaecide
  • 1Qt. Concentrated Clarifier
  • 2lbs. Non Chlorine Oxidizer


1) Add 2 lbs of Quick Dissolving Shock evenly over the surface of the pool. Thoroughly brush the floor and walls of the pool while the filter is running. 

-Note: for severe algae, double or triple the dosage of Quick Dissolving Shock

2) Add 1Qt of 60% concentrated Non-Foaming Algaecide directly to the pool surface. Continue running the filter during the opening process.

3) Add 1/2Qt of Concentrated Clarifier directly to the pool surface. Run the filter continuously for 24 hours, and backwash the filter as necessary. The second half of the quart may be added in 4-5 days if cloudiness remains. 

4) 24 hours after adding Quick Dissolving Shock, add 2 bags of Non-Chlorine Oxidizer evenly distributing both bags over the surface of the water while the filter is running. Run the filter an additional 24 hours continuously.